Why I am Running

Before I announced my candidacy for West Fargo City Commission, I was thinking a lot about why I wanted to run. Each time I would think about it, the Residents and my kids would come to mind. While there are several areas I would like to address and focus on, the recurring theme centers around the Residents and my children, and their children. My children are very important to me, and I want to help West Fargo maintain and improve the legacy for future generations. It is also very important to me that the Residents are being heard.

I’ve identified four areas I would like to focus on. I’ll go deeper on them in future posts, but I’ll touch on them briefly here. These focus areas are areas I feel that can use some improvement. I also believe that if improvement isn’t made, then we risk the legacy that I feel is important to the City’s future.

First, Respect & Representation of the Residents. I have a Resident first mentality. When it comes to decisions, I will work to make sure that the City is doing what is best for the Residents, both current and future. There are times where Residents don’t always feel like their voice is being heard when they talk with the City, and in turn, it leads to a feeling of disrespect. It is my goal to improve this and to ensure that the Residents are being respected and feel their voices are being heard.

Second, Strategic & Thoughtful Investment. With a growing city like West Fargo, there is a lot of investment being done in infrastructure and the community. I will work to ensure that how taxpayers’ money is being used is done so wisely.

Third, Transparency. Transparency is something that is often talked about. I think there’s some opportunity to increase transparency when it comes to what the City is communicating with the Residents, and I would like to improve that.

Lastly, Increased and Improved Communication. Communication is something that we’ve seen improvement in over the last few years. I feel that there could be more communication and it be done in a manner that is easier to understand in some instances.

I believe that focusing on these four areas we can see West Fargo continue to be a great community and grow to a greater community. Ensuring that West Fargo is a place that people want to live and grow their families is important to me. I want to make sure that with how we approach each subject on the Commission, we focus on what is best for the Residents and ensuring that we leave a positive, lasting effect on the community.

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