Strategic & Thoughtful Investment

When it comes to a growing city like West Fargo, there is a lot of investment. When the private sector invests and develop areas, the city then invests in those areas to provide the roads, sewer, and water lines, and all other infrastructure. Ultimately these fall under some sort of tax. It's expected that the City utilizes the taxpayers money effectively. Often times it is, however, there may be times where the money isn't used as effectively as possible.

One thing that a lot of people say is that they don't like Special Assessments. I don't think anyone likes them. I'll go deeper on Special Assessments as it is a complicated subject on other pages. There are a lot of moving parts. While I would like to see Special Assessments go away, ultimately, the money needs to come from somewhere. I will work with City Staff and Residents to find alternatives to Special Assessments. My ultimate goal is to get to a model where taxes (including Specials) are more stable and less surprising, and reduced as much as possible.

There are many ways that the City utilizes tax money. Whether it's the budget or tax breaks, I will dig into everything I can to ensure that the money is being used in the best manner for the Residents. The focus for me is making sure that your tax money, our tax money, is effectively utilized to help secure the future of West Fargo.

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