Special Assessments is a complicated issue. There are a number of taxing mechanisms that the City, School District, Parks, County and State have on your property. West Fargo utilizes Special Assessments for Infrastructure and other Capital Improvement Projects. I've always had an interest in Special Assessments since the time I was house shopping. I saw an opportunity to become involved and was appointed to the Special Assessment Commission (SAC). I didn't know what they were and I started learning about them. My time on the SAC has been educational on many levels.

As someone that has strengths in being Deliberative, Context and being Analytical, I like having a background, including all sides and data available when making a decision. In this series of posts about Special Assessments, I will do my best to explain some of the complexities, including background information that I find helpful. I will also share what alternatives I would like to work on to reduce or remove Specials. If anything is unclear, or you have other questions, please reach out. You can use my Contact Me Form, or you can e-mail me at anderson4wf@gmail.com

The City of West Fargo conducted some Community Forums on Special Assessments in the Winter of 2019. The presentation that they shared can be viewed here: https://www.westfargond.gov/DocumentCenter/View/2267/Community-Forum-Education-Presentation?bidId=