Special Assessments Part 4: What I will do

There most definitely needs to be some change to special assessments. I want to approach it strategically, and thoughtfully. So, I wanted to provide an update to my Part 3 on specials, and address specifically, some of the things I will do:

  1. I will make sure there's as much data and information available when assessments are being done, this includes input from Residents
  2. I will work to provide as much information as possible on the website that is easy to find
  3. Continue my discussions and work with state legislators to change the Century Code to allow for some flexibility among municipalities to change how infrastructure is funded (i.e. flat infrastructure tax, or something similar)
  4. I will not vote for a special assessment that is above the minimum requirements for the project
  5. I will work to ensure special assessments are not double-dipping
  6. I want to work with developers on a solution for new development special assessment
  7. I will ensure that any Prairie Dog funds that are received are going to be put towards projects that need to happen (such as core area) and are used as a tool to help change the process and behavior of infrastructure maintenance and improvements.
  8. I will welcome any and all input from Residents regarding specials, or any other topic
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